The Importance of

Practicing Self-Care as Women of Color


Self-care is a new thing for me, although I wish it wasn’t at 26, I could have used this years ago. So, when I met Gabrielle Alexa, founder of Urban Moonflower, a blog that focuses on self care and issues of race and identity I was blown away by her honesty and relatability (I’m not sure if that’s a word, but that’s how I feel.)

The blog that initially got my attention was “I am not pretty ‘for a black girl’.” In it Gabrielle writes about her experience in Greek life with a few shady, dare I say racist, members who felt it was ok to rank her beauty and then add “well, you would be higher if you weren’t black.” Shit like this can really fuck with you, especially in your younger years. But, Gabrielle didn’t let that slide, she found ways to speak out and be heard. (Such as starting this amazing new blog, Urban Moonflower!) Today, she’s adamant on the importance of self-care, taking care of your well being and daily affirmations.  I find her voice to be so important and reassuring for many WOC.  She reminds me that we have power, are beautiful people and shouldn’t let BS racist remarks slide, because their effect on us can be detrimental and we are much more than this hateful speech.

You can read her blog, Urban Moonflower at

You can also listen to our Sonic Feminista podcast on her post I’m not pretty “for a black girl”. and the importance of self-care on the links above.