“Ileana has been branded as the old soul; mostly by friends, family, and collaborators who conflate the idea with her knowledge and appreciation of older genres of music. But it also can also mean that she is trying to keep pace with the world by setting her own–her live performance no exception.”                                    – N. David Pastor, Play Too Much

Warning: Fan girling ahead*

ILE, is a Puerto Rican singer, composer, and vocalist. Oh, and you probably remember her as PG-13, de Calle 13.

After debuting her first solo album full of boleros y magic, Ilevitable, she made a pit stop to perform (and talk to Sonic Feminista of course ) at the 17th annualLatin Alternative Music Conference or LAMC.

Let me tell you, I was full of nerves and excitement before I got to meet her. I mean, after all, she is part of Calle 13, the group whose music I used for my own Master thesis!  and then she comes out with an album full of boleros. An album inspired by her grandmother and many generations of amazing womyn.  We spoke about what it means for her to perform the songs of her late grandmother,Flor Amelia de Gracia, songs she wrote about sexuality and marriage, where she gets her musical inspiration from and we have a sneak peak of her performance!

Watch. Watch. Watch.