Lorelei black

Interview with Lorelei black - figure model



So, I was that art student in High School, the one that took weekend FIT classes to become the fashion designer of her dreams-never happened. However, I do recall the one time I spotted a figure model outside of class and totally freaked out. Mind you, I was 14 and had never seen anyone besides myself nude. It had not occurred to me that of course the models have lives outside of the studio. But as a 14 yr old art student, the models seemed so confident, so illustrated and surreal that they couldn’t somehow exist outside of the studio.

Fast forward some many years later, and I have the pleasure of formally meeting Artist and Figure Model Lorelei Black, and she’s very real. She has the sort of calmness that automatically makes me question “do I take my shoes off?” once I enter her home. Lorelei has quite the Instagram following, over 7,000 at the moment, and once you browse through her photos, it becomes clear why she has so many. Her images are majestic, artistic, and confidently show her body. Most of the photos are professionally taken or are images from the art classes she poses in.

In the interview below Lorelei discusses what drove her to figure modeling, the obstacles she faces as a black model, the importance of social media, and who inspires her.

p.s. By the end of the video you too will find inspiration from her.

-Sonic Feminista