Not My President | ANti-Trump Protest

November 9 was my birthday, not just any birthday but the beginning of Saturn’s return for me. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s pretty much a time in your life where what is meant for you will stay and what is not will leave. I have been preparing for this for a while now, I thought I would be entering this new age with the first woman president of the US. I did not think I would be spending the day at an Anti-Trump rally walking from 14st., Union Sq., to 55th st. But I did, because I realized on my birthday that when something really matters, such as my country’s sanity, you stick around and see it through. Trump is not my ideal president or human being, but I truly hope he succeeds, because his success is the country’s success. However, we need to start organizing, examining what went wrong here, what doesn’t work for us any longer and change it.

The hardest part of this election was realizing that there is a large majority of people who don’t care about my rights as a latina and woman. There are people who have created this glass ceiling above me that is becoming harder and harder to shatter. Part of organizing for me has made it obvious that we need to create our own spaces where we listen to each other, work together, and decide what our next moves are: boycotting, rally, protest, taking down systems, etc. I don’t care to have this glass ceiling any longer. We have to be present for each other and in the words of my wise friend Greg Greene “we need to continue existing because that’s the greatest defeat.”